Tuesday, 3 April 2012

UNIDMISS43 Grimsby

                                     Jaime Ann Cheeseman

Missing since November 3rd 1993. Classed as endangered missing.
Jaime went missing in Grimsby Humberside.
D.O.B January 19th 1977
Race: White
Gender: Female
Height: 5"4
Weight: Jaime was of slim build at the time of her disappearance
Hair Colour: Shoulder length blonde hair
Eye Colour: green
Nickname/Alias: Jamie

Dentals: NA
Fingerprints: NA

Jaime's nose was pierced and she wore a stud

Jamie, who is originally from Wellingborough, Northampton, went to Grimsby, Humberside with a few friends in November 1993 and left following an argument but did not return to address or return home. On November 3 1993, Jamie went missing. Her clothing had been left behind. Since she disappeared there have been rumours that Jamie has gone to Leicester and/or London. It is also thought that she could be with travellers.
In January 1996, Jamie was reportedly spotted coming out of a pub in Cambridge Street, Wellingborough.

You may remain anonymous when contacting with information

  • Agency Name: Northamptonshire Police
  • Or unidenitifieduk Case No: UNIDMISS43 Grimsby  
  • Contact Number: 01212860047 24 hours 
  • Monday, 2 April 2012

    How to file a missing persons report

                               How to file a missing person report

    First hand reporting from a relative or friend is the most common way that Police are notified of a missing person. The Police will take reports of missing persons in any of the following formats:
    • Calls by telephone to a police station
    • By a visit to a police station
    • Contact with a Police Officer/Police Staff away from a police station
    What happens when you report someone missing to Police?
    Once a Police Officer has taken a report from you about the missing person, he/she enters all the information onto a computer at the police station and circulates the person as "missing" on the Police National Computer. Now that that information is on the computer any Police Officer nationally or internationally can contact us to find out more in-depth details.
    Immediate enquiries are undertaken by the Initial Investigating Officer to try to find the missing person as soon as possible.
    Should they still not be found then the investigation is passed onto a nominated officer within the police station who will now deal with all further enquiries that can be carried out.
    What can they do?
    • The officer will firstly make sure that we have all the necessary details so that an efficient investigation can be conducted, these will include details of: - Details of friends or relatives, - Places that the missing person is known to frequent, - Health or medical conditions that they may suffer from, - Financial account details (such as bank account, credit and debit card details), - Details on any benefits that they may receive, and the location of where they may collect them from, - A number of recent photographs, - Events that could be linked with their disappearance, - DNA sample for subsequent forensic examination (i.e. toothbrush).
    • Officers will also need to search with your consent the home address to establish if there are any further evidential leads (this is a normal procedure).
    • Consent to publicity will also be sought from you. We have found that using the media to appeal for information can be very effective.
    What can you do?
    Police realise that this is a very traumatic time for you and that you need support and feedback from them, but this is also a time where you can help them by making many enquiries yourself. Please keep in touch with the officer in the case if you find anything out. We will work with other agencies to bring this incident to a swift conclusion.
    Sometimes the adults who go missing may wish for their location to remain anonymous, and they do have that right which we must respect. We will always tell you if this is the case.

    Source information West Midlands Police

    Tuesday, 6 March 2012

    UNIDUK34 London

    Found deceased on July 28th 1997 in the Thames at Rotherhithe, London
    Estimated Age: 50-60
    Height: Approx 5"8
    Hair: Brown which was receding and graying
    Marks/Features: Well-trimmed mustache, six inch surgery scar on his abdomen and a large mole on his chest
    Clothing: Short sleeved T-Shirt, pink/peach coloured Marks and Spencer shirt, collar size 16 with a heart monitor pad attached to the inside

    Unidentifieduk 01212860047 case number UNIDUK34 London

    You may remain anonymous when contacting with information

    UNIDUK33 North Yorkshire


    Found deceased on September 20th 2004,
    Horton-In-Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire, England
    Estimated time of death: several weeks prior to discovery, August 12-September 13 2004
    Estimated Age: 20-40 Height: Aprrox 4"1-5"0

    Marks/Feature: Believed to be from South East Asia, however it is not know whether she is a foreign national or a UK Citizen. Pierced ears, probably right handed, she had a contraceptive coil fitted but has had a pregnancy in the past
    Hair: Shoulder length dark brown
    Weight: Medium build, though slightly over weight for her build
    Dentals: not dental treatments but has a noticeable gap in the lower front teeth
    Clothing: Marks and Spencers green jeans, white underwear and was probably wearing a white T-Shirt (this was found nearby). She was wearing a 22-Karat plain gold band on her left ring finger

    Case Details:
    This body was found in North Yorkshire close to Pennine Way. she was found partially clothed and was decomposing after being in water for several weeks. No traumatic injuries were found. Authorities are confident that she originates from Thailand.

    Unidentifieduk 02085885642 case number UNIDUK33 North Yorkshire

    You may remain anonymous when contacting with information

    UNIDUK32 Hertfordshire

    found deceased August 2, 1995 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, Engand.
    Estimated Age: 30-40
    Race: White
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: Slim Build
    Hair: Dark Brown, Collar Length, Curly
    Marks/Features: Tattoo on right forearm of two swalllows carrying a banner with names "Marie" and possibly "ENA" on it

    Clothing: Wearing blue sleeveless T-Shirt, grey trousers and a pair of brown boots

    Case details: The body of this man was found in Hemel Hempstead, he had been hit by a train.


    Unidentifieduk 02085885642 case number UNIDUK32 Hertfordshire

    You may remain anonymous when giving information

    Monday, 6 February 2012

    UNIDUK33 London

    Discovered July 2nd 1993 in the Thames, London
    Age: Approx 30
    Height: 5"8
    Characteristics: brown eyes,dark brown collar length hair
    Build: slim
    Dentals: teeth in poor condition
    Clothing: was wearing a navy anorak with purple buttons,black short sleeved shirt, blue jeans and black shirt with "Royal Mail" written inside of them.

    If you have any information regarding this case please contact:

    unidentifieduk 01212860047 or quoting case NO UNIDUK33 London

    You may remain anonymous when contacting with information

    UNIDUK32 Humberside

    Discovered May 22nd 1993 Out Newton, Humberside
    Found washed up on the beach at Out Newton, Humberside

    Age: 20-40
    Height: 5"6
    Build: Lean/Athletic
    Dentals: very distinctive teeth particularly in the upper left tooth area that would have been noticeable when talking or smiling
    Clothing: Navy blue pin strip suit, black belt, green and cream boxer shorts, white socks, black moccasin style shoes.

    unidenitfieduk 01212860047

    You may remain anonymous when contacting with information 

    Wednesday, 4 January 2012

    UNIDMISS42 Isle Of Wight

                                                             Jeffrey Allen

    Jeffrey has been missing from Ryde, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire since August 10th 1982.

    D.O.B: 10th May 1965
    Age at the time of disappearance: 17
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue Grey
    Height: 5"7-5"8
    Build: Medium
    Characteristic Features: Homemade tattoo of a swallow with the name Leigh written underneath it on upper left arm

    Jeffrey went home to collect things for a camping trip, this is the last time Jeffrey has been seen. We do know from his sister that Jeffrey was going camping with 2 friends

    Jeff also had a new Tattoo on his back, an outline of Pegasus with the Name Leigh under it... Maybe hes had it finished by now as he could only afford the outline at the time...

    Jeff was in forms 4YG & 5Y/BC
    Do you remember Teachers called Mr Potter & Mr/s Spenser also Form Teacher P Best... Are you now 46yrs old and attended Sandown High (Secondary School) 79-81

    Jeff was also working at Robin Hill at the Time he Disappeared so would have had money in his pocket , he also talked of joining the Merchant Navy and going to Cyprus do you remember anyone with those ideas at the time...

    His Then Girlfriend Leigh Jackson has never forgotten Jeff and is now part of the Looking for Jeff Team

    If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jeffrey please contact:

    Hampshire Constabulary 0854 60 70 999
    unidentifieduk 01212860047 Case Number UNIDMISS42 Isle Of Wight

    You may remain anonymous when contacting with information

    Wednesday, 28 December 2011

    unidentifieduk for the Missing and Unidentified

    It is difficult to know how many people in the UK go missing every year. Some may be runaways, some just don't want to be found and some are not even reported missing, and there are the ones that no longer have a voice or a hand to reach out. An estimated 257000 people go missing every year in the UK, we have more then a 1000 bodies that go unidentified but the real number of people that go unidentified has not not been disclosed. This blog is dedicated to bringing home the missing and giving names and identities back to the unidentified.
    We assist law enforcement, families and other organisations in bringing closure to cases that have been unsolved for a long time. Some of the cases you will see on here are 20-30 years old or even longer. We know somebody out there knows who they are , we know they have families and we know somebody somewhere must be looking for them. We will give cases as much exposure as possible. Hopefully we can make potential matches and pass this information on to law enforcement.

    Why We Do It

    Because we care, everybody deserves a name and an identity, they deserve to let their family and friends know what happened to them.

    The silent mass murder as it is known. What is not known is how many bodies exactly are unidentified in the UK every year. How many of the them actually started as missing persons cases. 
    With the help of the public and assisting law enforcement we can give much needed exposure to cases that have long gone unsolved or unidentified.

    • Can you help locate a missing person?
    • Can you put a name to an unidentified person?
    It does not matter how little you think your clue or lead may be. It could mean nothing but it could mean everything let us and law enforcement be the judge of that.
    If you think you may know someone, or recognise a piece of clothing or jewellery in any of these cases please contact us or law enforcement and remember you can always remain anonymous when giving information.

           You could hold that vital piece of information

    Wednesday, 19 October 2011

    UNIDMISS38 Portugal

    Madeleine McCann.

    Thursday 3 of May 2007 the unthinkable happened. In the Central area of Praia da Luz, Algarve Portugal Madeleine McCann was taken from her room in which she was sleeping. Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann were dinning in a restaurant some 120 metres away. The case is being treated as an abduction and we have no other reason to believe other wise.  There have been many sightings of Madeleine many of them if not all unconfirmed. The disappearance of Madeleine has touched the nation if not the world. This campaigns objective is to bring awareness to this case. To jog  someone’s memory. To  dig out that key information. To put together the pieces of this puzzle  and most of all to bring Madeleine home.

    If you have any information regarding this case please contact:
    Investigation Helpline +44 845 8384699
    Email investigation@findmadeliene.com
    unidentifieduk 01212860047 Case NO: UNIDMISS38 Portugal you may remain anonymous when contacting this number

    Visit the official website www.findmadeleine this the best place to find up to date information about the search for Madeleine.
    You can also visit my website where there is a page dedicated to Madeleine McCann and up to date information. www.unidentifieduk.org

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